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TheNest is a multi-chain, multi-pegged token algorithm system. We are committed to integrating other Algo projects on the Fantom chain.

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TheNest Finance

New Plan

All Tomb Forks are currently facing a very serious problem, which is the project does not have enough new funds to offset inflation, and it's only a matter of time to lose the peg.

In the new plan, we will take a variety of measures to bring more use cases and real money to the project to keep it stable.

  • Multi-chain and multi-pegged tokens
  • Deposit and Withdraw Fees
  • The HATCH Plan

Our Projects

We will focus on expanding sub-protocols on different chains to bring as many investors as possible to the project.


Pegged to USDC


Pegged to FTM


The Nest War Game


Pegged to ???

The HATCH Plan

Tomb Fork is a great way to kick-start a business model, we will have huge support for developers who want to start their own business with Tomb Fork. Learn more

Token Support

We will provide 1,000–10,000 NEST tokens to your project for farming.

Community Support

We will provide professional community service for your project to help you through the early stages.


Announce a collaboration with your project and set up a channel for you in our Discord to increase your project's exposure.


Multi-pegged token deployment

We will start our brand new program at this stage to prepare for multi-chain and multi-pegged tokens.

  • Deploy our new Share token - The NEST token
  • NEST token pre-sale event
  • Relaunch Hive
  • Upgrade TheAnt to apply the new Share token on it
  • The HATCH initialization

Launch & Expansion

We will launch more sub-protocols, and look for more HATCH projects to collaborate with.

  • Pegged to ETH
  • Pegged to TOMB
  • Pegged to LIF3
  • Pegged to more tokens if necessary
  • Find quality projects for HATCH Plan

Cross chain & Expansion

We will focus on the cross-chain of ANT - The algorithm system of stablecoins has always been the first choice for investors.

  • Cross-chain to BSC
  • Cross-chain to Polygon
  • Pegging their native tokens
  • Collaborate with cross-chain bridges

We can go to any chain as long as it can bring benefits to the project.

Game Development

We never gave up on game and we believe that at this stage we have accumulated enough funds to support our game development.

  • Enhancing 3D rendering
  • In-game scenario building
  • Game core code development
  • Game marketplace development
  • Internal Alpha testing